Reasons To Build A Custom Deck

Anytime is a great time to build a deck but Spring and Summer is when most people have a new deck added to their Colorado Springs home. When you have a custom built deck it is a fantastic spot for outdoor cooking, family time, entertaining friends, or relaxing in the fresh Colorado air. Another great reason to build a custom deck would be that you increase your living space throughout the spring, summer, and fall months at roughly one-quarter of the cost of a fully enclosed addition. Besides adding to your own enjoyment, a new deck increases the value of your home when you are ready to sell.

What You Should Consider When Building Your Deck

When thinking about adding a new deck for your Iowa house, there are a number of factors you should consider first, for example, dimensions, location, security, extra features, and your final budget.

Location of Your Custom Deck

Since you and your loved ones will probably be spending a lot of time on the deck once it’s built, you will want to consider where it ought to be located, especially how it should be accessed from your home. Because meals are often served on the deck, many families put it right off the kitchen door. This is not always the ideal place since it creates traffic flow through the already busy kitchen area. Occasionally a better solution would be to place it off the living area, dining area, or family room that is connected to the kitchen. This allows you to put in a broader patio or French door for easy access to the deck

Size of Your Deck

It’s important that your deck is proportional to the size of your home and lot. A good rule of thumb is check out the size of decks on comparable properties in your area. You’ll have to check the community, city or county building codes for standards regarding what area of your lot can be used by a deck and also just how close it is to the lot line. In addition, you need to take into account where to put stairs to the yard, the location of sunlight at different times of the day, and whether there are structures, trees, or bushes to guard you from sunlight and wind as well as to provide privacy.

Safety railing on upstairs deckSafety Features for Your Custom Deck

It’s very important that your deck is built to code and contains the essential safety features. Otherwise people could get hurt and you might end up fixing problems before you market your property. To begin with, most building codes require a 4-inch space between railings to prevent small children from falling through. The deck should also be adequately attached to the home to keep it from leaning over when there are a lot of people milling around on the deck. You will also have to take into account the height of stairs and placement of railings and gates if you have small kids or pets.

Custom Deck Design

It is essential that your deck is built in accord with the style of your home. The easiest way to add the style you want is to match the color and form of the railings and the light fixtures to be consistent with your home. It’s also advisable to consider how your deck matches the design and style of your backyard. It should also provide a smooth transition from the outdoors to the indoors of your property.

Uses For Your New Custom Deck

Let us count the ways, eating dinner, entertaining guests, sunbathing, relaxing, reading, or simply lounging with your family and friends are some of the main uses for your new deck. Your family members will soon discover how much they enjoy spending time together rather than spending some time on the TV, phone, video games, or computer. It can really bring your family together again.

Outdoor CookingBrats and Sourdough rolls on the grill

Having a charcoal or gas grill on the deck it enables you to spend time outside grilling and smoking with different meats and veggies or even roasting a turkey or chicken. Cooking outside also keeps the smoke and heat out of your air-conditioned house.

Entertaining Space

Having a custom deck built off your living room, dining room or kitchen greatly increases the living space of your house. summer is a particularly common time for birthday parties, reunions, and other outdoor events when you will find the extra outdoor living space to be a blessing.

Dad and daughter on deck doing homeworkFamily Time

Eating outside with the entire family, with no distractions from the television, cell phones, video games, or other electronic devices give you an opportunity to create family memories together. Some things you could do to make mealtime more fun would be grilling hot dogs together, playing games, throw darts, or simply making some home made crafts together. Whatever your family likes to do can be done outside on your beautiful custom deck. If  you’ve got young kids or pets, then putting up safety gates will provide them an enjoyable outside place to play.


Many families find the deck to be one of the best places to unwind and enjoy life a little more. Whether it’s drinking an early morning cup of coffee, reading a book in the afternoon, or simply sitting and listening to quiet music in the evening while searching the night sky, a custom built deck is the perfect addition to your home.

Let Genesis Group Help You Design the Deck of Your Dreams

Genesis Group LLC. has designed and built many decks, sunrooms, outdoor kitchens and other outdoor living spaces for Colorado Springs homeowners over the last 12 years. Check out what some of our customers have to say. If you love outdoor living then you will love what we can design and build for you. Contact us today to design your dream deck today.