Sod Watering Schedule for Your New Landscape

Genesis Group has made every attempt possible to provide you with the finest quality landscape that will ensure longevity and enjoyment. We would like to help you by passing along these helpful hints for your new sod.

Turf Irrigation: It’s important that you have a good sprinkler that puts out large droplets of water, keeping them close to the ground. You can check to make sure your new sod is properly watered by lifting up a corner and making sure it has been soaked through the roll and down into the ground. Hand water edges, as they dry out quicker. If a sprinkler system is installed, run pop-ups (sprinkler heads that spray an umbrella shape) approximately 12 minutes per zone. For rotors, sprinkler heads that spray a stream and “rotate,” water 35-45 minutes per zone.

Watering Chart to be used During the Growing Season:

Daytime Temps 1st 7 days Days 7-21 Days 22 through the end of the growing season
>80o F 3x/day 2x/day 1x/day
70-80o F 2x/day 1x/day 1x/day
<70o F 1x/day 1x/day 1x every other day


Winter Watering: This should be done if there has been no significant moisture for two weeks.

Rebates for Installing Water Saving Irrigation Systems: If you are having Genesis Group install an irrigation system for your landscaping project, ask us about water saving sprinkler heads. We can install a system that may be eligible for generous rebates from Colorado Springs Utilities.

Fertilizer: Fertilize upon installation (if Genesis Group installed your sod, you will not have to apply fertilizer to your newly planted sod). After the initial fertilization, continue to apply fertilizer every six weeks during the growing season. We recommend a Super Crop 20-20-10.

Fertilizer Instructions:

  • Apply uniformly on a DRY lawn 5-10 pounds of fertilizer per 1000 square feet (or follow manufacturers recommendations) every six weeks from April to October.
  • Water thoroughly and daily after application.
  • Spreader setting will vary with each type.
  • Consult specific spreader instructions for more accurate application information.
  • Broadcast setting types: 3-5.
  • Drop type settings: 2-4.
  • As a caution, sweep particles off cement walks and driveways to prevent staining, as the fertilizer contains iron.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Store your unused fertilizer in cool, dry location.


Mowing: Ideal length for bluegrass is 2 ½” to 3.” Mow at least once a week. For a rule of thumb, never take off more than 1/3 of the blade of grass in one mowing. Make sure you always have a sharp blade on your mower. FOR NEW SOD YOU NEED TO MOW AFTER 7-10 DAYS OF INSTALLATION!! 

Traffic Caution: Use newly sodded lawns sparingly until a good root establishment has taken place, approximately 3-4 weeks.

Troubleshooting: Problems and Solutions

  • Dark Blue Green to Silver Color — This indicates that your lawn is very dry. Water immediately!
  • Pale Green — Likely needs another shot of fertilizer; however, follow instructions to not over fertilize.
  • Straw Looking — Has already gotten too dry and will take 2-3 weeks to green back up in prime growing season (late June through August). Water several times daily.
  • Sandy Soil — Sandy soil requires more water and fertilizer than clay-like soil.