Hiring The Best Deck Builder

Are you planning to hire a deck builder but you just don’t know where to start? Well, we’ve got you covered. Below you will find the important steps to hire a deck contractor so you will be sure to get the beautiful deck you are dreaming of.

A deck is one of the favorite spots for many people where family and friends can gather together for BBQ’s, birthdays, parties and just relaxing. You always have the option of building your own deck but it is a laborious process and actually requires some skill to be done right. To alleviate the procedure of trying to build your own deck, you can simply hire a professional deck builder.

Prior to the Hiring Process

Before choosing a deck builder, you must have a good idea of what you want and how much can you afford to spend on your deck.

Multi-level Composite Deck Colorado Springs

Composite Deck

Here are a few things to consider before hiring a deck contractor:

  1. Size of Your Deck
    It’s important to know the approximate dimensions of the deck you want to have built so that the contractor will have clarity on the project before they begin the estimating process.
  2. How Many Levels
    How many deck levels would you like to have? Single or multiple levels? Do you want to have a 2 deck areas that are connected by stairs or a passageway? Where do you want your deck to be built? Are there obstacles that must be overcome?
  3. Decking Material to be Used
    What kind of decking material do you want to use on your deck? Redwood? Cedar? Pressure-treated lumber? Tropical hardwoods? Trex?
  4. Features
    Do you plan to have a deck that has planters or a built-in seating area? What kind of railings do you want? Will you include an outdoor kitchen, a fireplace or a pizza oven?

It’s important to consider these 4 points and make a list as to what else that you might want. In this way, your deck builder will have a clear understanding of what you want so that they can estimate the cost and ensure it will be built in the way you desire.

Also, by having a rough draft of the deck you are envisioning you can help your deck builder to understand what you are looking for.

The sites below may help you bring your imagination to life:

  1. Pinterest
    Many people know that Pinterest is one of the largest social media catalogs of inspiration and ideas. When searching for ideas Pinterest can show you a wide array of beautiful decks.
  2. Manufacturer Inspiration Galleries
    Many decking material manufacturers have galleries showing their products being used in actual backyards. This is another way you can get some good ideas on what you might want for your own backyard deck.

The Difference Between Hiring a Deck Contractor and a Custom Deck Builder

Custom deck designers like Genesis Group, LLC. will take all considerations into account. Things like family size, ages, the types of activities you will be using your deck for as well as the material you may want to use. Activities and material used are important factors for a long lasting deck and your overall satisfaction.

The average deck contractor may not have the kind of experience to put together the “whole package” which includes railing, stairs, posts, lighting or working around obstacles to make your deck aesthetically pleasing. A custom deck builder has a multitude of skills and is knowledgeable in other design aspects options such as pergolas, porches, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, fire pits and retaining walls to define different areas and create privacy.

Start the Hiring ProcessStairs leading down to yard

Now that you have some design direction and know what type of deck builder you should hire it’s time to start calling them and asking some questions. It’s important to screen each builder well so you will be get to know them and feel comfortable with your choice.

First, you can ask your friends and family if they know anyone or have used a local deck contractor or builder for their own deck. You should not interview just one builder but talk to at least 2 or 3 deck contractors before choosing the one you want to work with.

There are additional online resources that can be helpful for you. These websites are Angie’s List, Manufacturer Websites, The Better Business Bureau and Houzz. You can also search for online recommendations and reviews.

Below you will find 9 things you need to remember when hiring a deck builder:

  1. Licensing, insurance and bonding – It’s important to talk to each prospective deck builder regarding these matters so you won’t get scammed. Through this conversation, you will learn if you will be working with a legit builder or not.
  2. Architectural design service – Make sure that the builder provides design services since it will be the basis for the cost estimate.
  3. Deck contractor’s experience – It’s essential to ask how many years of experience they have and if they are experienced with the decking material you are considering.
  4. Previous project portfolio – Ask the builder if they have past projects that are similar to what you envision.
  5. Warranty – It is vital to ask if they offer a warranty on their services as well as material warranties.
  6. Permits and inspection – Ensure if the builders will handle the process of obtaining local and/or state permits and inspection.
  7. Availability – Of course, before hiring one make sure to know their availability and time frame.
  8. Jobsite management and labor – It’s also necessary to clarify with the deck builders if they will use subcontractors, if there will be a supervisor on the project location and if they do background checks.
  9. Payment terms – You need to know the payment terms. Is it by installment or full-payment?

These 9 points may seem to be a bit of a process but this will give you confidence that the builder you choose will build the deck you want.

After interviewing potential builders and making a decision, a deck building contract should include the following:

  1. Total price of everything. From the deck materials, labor to the permits.
  2. Specification of the work to be done
  3. A copy of the builder’s license and insurance
  4. Project timeline, indicating start and completion date
  5. Liabilities that the deck builder will take on

Deck on pillars in the woods with natural stone retaining well in frontDuring The Deck Building Project

To ensure that your deck is built to your specification, remember these things:

  1. Communicate—Have open communication to resolve any issues.
  2. Write down any changes—When there are changes incurred, make sure to write them down. Changes can cost extra so be sure to ask about this.
  3. Be a good customer—Make payments on time and help in any way you can to ensure the process goes smoothly

If you follow this steps above when hiring a deck builder you can be relatively sure that you’ll have the deck you were dreaming of and one that suits your needs.

Are You Looking for a Custom Deck Builder in Colorado Springs?

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