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Colorado Springs Xeriscapes

When living in Colorado Springs xeriscapes are a popular alternative to traditional landscaping or gardening in areas where drought is common, or just when less water usage is preferred. With very little or no need for supplemental water from irrigation, the cost to maintain xeriscaping is typically lower that normal landscapes. Plants that don’t need as much water can be truly beautiful when emphasized in a rock garden. Sometimes called “smart” scaping, this method of landscaping is rapidly increasing in popularity across the mid-west.

A properly implemented xeriscape uses up to two thirds less water than regular landscapes. This frees up more water for other domestic and community uses and the environment. Xeriscaping requires less fertilizer and equipment, particularly due to the reduced lawn areas. Aside from occasional weeding and mulching xeriscaping requires far less time and effort to maintain, leaving more time to pursue more important things in life. There are a number of different ways to employ xeriscaping in your landscaping design. One of the major parts of xeriscaping is to group different plants which have the same watering requirements together in one place thus conserving water usage.

When they are properly designed, built and maintained, xeriscapes are water-conserving in both dry and wet years. Remember that Xeric does not necessarily mean dry within the context of landscaping. Xeric means the water-efficient and “water-wise” use of the resource. Xeriscapes are often more aesthetically attractive and better suited for their surrounding environment that their water-gulping counterparts. In this way, xeriscapes directly encourage sustainability. Xeroscaping has real ramifications on the environment, and landscape professionals and homeowners everywhere can benefit by promoting xeriscaping, and the core principles of sustainability.

For our Colorado Springs xeriscapes clients we use 2D and 3D design software so that we can make your visualization of a perfect xeriscape a reality and within your budget.