Why You Should Consider Decks & Covers:

Colorado has some of the most breathtaking vistas in the world, from the towering icon that is Pikes Peak to our city skyline at night. Imagine relaxing on your custom built deck on a cool spring night, watching the sunset and feeling the warmth of the flames as they rise up from a beautiful stone fire pit. Visualize taking that fun dinner party outside to show off your grill skills on a new built-in grill. Whatever your pleasure, Genesis Group can make your deck the perfect outdoor home experience.

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Studies have shown that adding a deck, pergola, or deck/patio cover has tangible and intangible benefits. For instance, a new deck adds a substantial amount of equity to your home. Decks add considerable “curb appeal” as well. Decks also allow much better usage of your property by creating a “sanctuary” for you to enjoy with family and friends. This is especially true in the Colorado climate.

Why Choose Genesis Group for Your Decks & Covers:

When Genesis Group opened its doors in 2003, decking products were simple and forgiving in construction and usage. For the most part, decks were built with Redwood, Cedar, and other specialty wood products. The characteristics and construction of these products were very well understood, and many design and build companies had the expertise to build a quality deck. You may still love the real wood products, and we can still build anything using real wood.

On the other hand, as the usage of composite materials has skyrocketed over the years, the available composite decking products have greatly increased in variety, functionality, and quality (to read more about composite decking history, quality, warranties, and the variety of products available, see the “Composite Decks” page of this website). It will be worth your while to really understand what the benefits of these products are in longevity, lower maintenance leading to lower lifetime cost, and unchanging beauty over time.

With all these combinations of materials and design ideas to consider when building your dream deck, pergola or deck cover, you will want to be sure that you choose the right team of professionals for the job. The team you choose must have extensive technical and practical experience, as well as knowledge, and be willing to educate you on all the different options. You will have your ideal outdoor living area only through care and dedication shown through every detail from start to finish. It will not happen by accident!

The Genesis Group team is the right team for the job. We will patiently walk you through our unique, defined process of steps. First, we want to really understand your dream. What are you trying to accomplish? On your list, what are the things you want the most? How does this compare to the budget that you have to work with? These are some of the many questions that Genesis Group will help you process. By the time your project is completed, you will know that you have a product that will fulfill the dreams and vision you had when you began. And, we hope that we will have made a lifelong friend.

Please fill out our contact form to schedule a consultation. We would love to know what you have in mind. Contact Genesis Group today at (719) 510-0368!