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Colorado Springs Water Features

When you live in Colorado Springs water features will work in any garden style, garden size, or time commitment. If you are considering adding a landscape water feature, fountain, waterfall or expand the one you already have, Genesis Group is ready to help. The creek, fountain, or pond of your dreams is right around the corner.

They can be big and bold, or sized for a perfect fit in a small garden, but regardless, a water feature of any caliber adds a great amount to the feel of any landscape and says volumes about the tastes of the owner. Small-scale water features such as fountains can accent the design aesthetic of an intimate space in the same way that a big water feature fits into the design continuum of a bigger yard. For outdoor spaces with a contemporary Asian influence, for example, a geometric two-tier water fall accentuates the clean lines and simple feel many find classy and comfortable. Unusually shaped water features, on the other hand, can integrate seamlessly into a landscape and look very much like a beautiful feature of nature.

Water features lend themselves to virtually any kind and style of container, including oversize galvanized tubs, wash basins, pots, or other unusual containers. The only real requirement is that the container is watertight, of course. Large-scale containers such as these can support large-scale plants, adding height and structure to a landscape water feature. Grouping a few complementary containers of various sizes for striking water-feature focal points will create a depth to any landscape theme. The possibilities are truly endless.

Birdbaths and stand-alone pools and fountains can create a very hospitable environment or habitat for local wildlife, further creating a nature-rich retreat in your outdoor living space. In autumn and winter when the rest of the garden dies back, a water feature such as a fountain or birdbath nestled in a boulder adds beauty and structure to an outdoor space.

The team here at Genesis Group has decades of experience, and can’t wait to help you create the ideal landscape for your property.