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Colorado Springs Retaining Walls

Properly constructed retaining walls are extremely useful for creating a layered, tiered look for your landscaping. Retaining walls are specially designed to hold soil in place on one side and be free standing on the other. They help to accommodate changes in grade in a landscape with uneven topography. Allowing steeper cuts into a slope to yield more usable space on a cut and fill hillside lot, hardworking retaining walls can be key to creating a level sports lawn or driveway as well. Here at Genesis Group, we are highly skilled in designing and building the perfect retaining wall to give your property the classy look you desire.

A well designed retaining wall can elevate planting areas for improved drainage while at the same time creating a seatwall. A seatwall is just a short wall designed to be a seating area as well. It’s often a design feature that is included in retaining walls adjacent to outdoor living spaces. The potential benefits of this heavily built type of structure are endless, but they must be constructed to very strict standards to prevent failure.

Challenges of Building Retaining Walls

What makes retaining walls so challenging is their strength, which is best illustrated by the incredible loads they carry, known as lateral earth pressure. This is created by more than just the weight of soil. Water behind the wall causes the buildup of hydrostatic pressure which is the reason for most wall failures. Only through adequately designed drainage structures and waterproofing can the best-designed wall survive over time. It is of vital importance to pick a builder that will do it right the first time and is willing to stand by their work with a warranty coverage. Genesis group is proud to serve you the most knowledgeable and experienced retaining wall builders in Colorado.

We use engineers to design our larger retaining walls. They specify the size and extent of footings and the amount of steel reinforcement required according to strict loading calculations. Because of the potential danger of failure, building permits require these structural calculations so as to minimize the danger of losing the integrity of the wall, putting people and property at risk, and putting the property owner at serious liability. We create absolutely sound walls every time, no matter what, so that you can be sure of your investment.