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Outdoor seating is the perfect addition to your Colorado Springs patio

For more than ten years, Genesis Group has created a truly unique, custom-built flagstone seating product that customers seem to have fallen in love with. With steel-stud framing and cement board, these beautiful seats and matching firepits are not only breathtaking, but built to last forever. Unlike the modular frames many other companies use, Genesis Group will work with you to build any seating arrangement, curves, and backings that can make yours truly one-of-kind.

Whether you need to tend the smoker for a low and slow barbecue, having a few friends over for hot dogs and burgers, or throwing a pool party, you and your guests are going to need a place to sit. Our custom seating provides a perfect place to enjoy a leisurely dinner or linger over glasses of wine. In conjunction with a custom outdoor kitchen and fireplace or firepit, a truly remarkable outdoor living space can be fully realized.

Outdoor seating needs to be able to handle and withstand the elements. There is hardly a material out there that fits the bill better than stone and masonry. The appearance of our stonework seating is stellar, but the service life is really where it shines. It takes thousands of years for wind and water erosion to eat away at the stone, and the drastic changes in temperature here in Colorado would crack or fade most other materials, but not stone. There is very little maintenance required, just the occasional wash off when leaves or dirt blows in.

Whether you’re dining or relaxing with friends and family, your outdoor spaces deserve comfortable, welcoming seating arrangements that will take your breath away. Our experts here at Genesis Group can custom tailor your seating to conform to almost any outdoor living space.