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Who wouldn’t want a firepit in Colorado?

Enjoying the great Colorado outdoors year-round has never been more comfortable. Relaxing under a clear, star-filled sky, warmed by the flickering flames at your feet, enjoying the company family and friends, or simply enjoying the solitude, a fireplace or firepit can really add value to your outdoor living space.

Made from virtually anything your heart desires and made to look and feel like it belongs in your space, Genesis Group constructs some of the most beautiful firepits and fireplaces. From slate and granite masonry to steel and wood framed structures, we can complete any theme in any garden, on any patio or deck, to complement any home, we can build you the fireplace of your dreams.

Fire pits lend warm ambiance to any outdoor space and allow you to linger longer outside at night. They’re an inviting, safe way to add heat and light to evening get-togethers with your family and friends. Watching firelight flicker inside an outdoor fire pit is so relaxing, and the mesmerizing glow inspires singing, storytelling, and meditative silence. We carefully craft our outdoor firepits and fireplaces to provide season after season of heavy use, with safety features like built-in guardrails and spark guards to contain flying embers. We can even build in a cooking grill.

There is no substitute for the calming qualities of an outdoor fireplace. Whether you opt for a wood burning or gas-fueled firepit or fireplace, the feel is very similar. The certain charisma of spiced firewood burning on the grate, the flow of smoke and ember, and the classic charm of sparks riding the heat is at the heart of every outdoorsman. On the other hand, maintenance, cleaning, the hassle of wood-burning fireplaces can be avoided and much of the charm retained by a gas burning fireplace or firepit. Genesis Group can build either to exceptional standards.