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Colorado Springs Wood Decks

Did you know that one of the first and most common questions we get from prospective clients pertains to choosing which type of material to use for a new deck? While there are a number of options you can choose when it comes to decking materials, wood and composite materials are easily two of the most popular. As the owner, I believe it’s important for prospective clients to understand the pros and cons of using these two materials for your outdoor living space. This page offers a brief discussion of the decking options we offer our clients, focusing primarily on Colorado Springs wood decks.

As you’ve likely seen from browsing our online photo gallery above, the expert team at Genesis Group builds beautiful, custom wood and composite decks across the Colorado Springs region. From second-story decks to porches, and pergolas, we’ve earned a pretty impressive reputation for creating dynamic outdoor living spaces with a variety of materials.

Traditional Wood Decks

With that being said, a great many of our satisfied clients initially come to us wanting a traditional wood deck. It’s no surprise either. Wood is a classic and durable option for any outdoor space. While composite decks are enormously popular right now, many people still prefer real wood for its natural beauty and affordability. Compared to synthetic materials, most wood decking is less expensive. Like other decking materials, however, it ranges in quality. Popular options include redwood and cedar, though we have the tools, resources, and knowledge to build a deck made of any wood material, including specialty woods.

The obvious downside of a wood deck is the maintenance. As any Colorado Springs resident with a wood deck can tell you, sanding, sealing and staining is all a part of the deal. Even so, wood deck designs are versatile, and available in many beautiful, natural colors—many of which can’t be emulated in synthetic materials.

So let’s conclude with the question we began with: wood deck or composite deck? Our expert team comprised of myself, my staff, project managers, a foreman, and crew, we can tell you pretty confidently that the best answer depends on what will fit your needs, lifestyle, and budget. For us, the most important thing is making sure you get the quality-built deck you hope for and expect.

We’d love to help you begin planning out your outdoor space!

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