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Custom Colorado Springs Pergolas

Pergolas are a great option for any outdoor living space—and especially for Colorado Springs homeowners who want a place to wind down, entertain, share a family meal, or simply enjoy the scenic Rocky Mountain vistas. This page is meant to give you a sense of how the Genesis Group’s custom-built pergolas—which are essentially open, roofless pavilions—can improve your space through creative design and function.

If you’re considering a new pergola for your Colorado Springs property, there’s a good chance you’ve realized that they are a relatively simple and cost-effective way to transform your outdoor space. Don’t just take our word for it though. As the owner of Genesis Group, I, of course, believe it’s important for you to get a sense of what we do by giving you several examples of our past work. So if you haven’t already done so, definitely browse a few of the pergolas that our team of experts has built for clients across the Colorado Springs area.

Pergolas provide a wonderful addition to almost any home or open area. They offer shade as well as a distinctive visual appeal. Pergolas may serve as an extension of virtually any building by covering an open space, such as a patio, which will be adjacent to the building. Freestanding pergolas, those not connected to another structure, provide a sitting area which allows for a breeze and light sunlight, but provides protection against direct sunshine. Pergolas can also be utilized in gardens to supply climbing plants with a structure on which to increase.

Solid Wood Construction

Another great thing about pergolas is that, even though they may be freestanding, and constructed without walls, or roofs, they give you the ability to expand your living space into your backyard—while also adding value to the home. The pergolas we build and design additionally add interest and design elements to each and every one of the yards we work in. Before we design or construct your pergola, however, we take note of the shadows and angles of your yard as well. The goal is, of course, to get the most effective use out of your space. As I mentioned above, pergolas can also offer function, and the rafters provide much-needed shade and cover throughout the year. As you might have noticed from our online gallery, our pergolas are constructed using natural wood.

If you’re ready to transform your space with a custom-built, beautifully crafted pergola, call the Genesis Group today! Our number one goal is bringing your vision to life. Please fill out our contact form to schedule a consultation.