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Colorado Springs Composite Decks

In the paragraphs that follow, we want to educate you specifically as it pertains to Colorado Springs composite decks and the decking materials used as well as the pros and cons of composite deck products, and to perk your interest in the deck design and building services we provide. We hope that you will look to us to walk you through this process.

You, like most of our clients, probably have some similar desires and questions. The reason that many of our clients call us is that they are ready to get rid of the maintenance required on their current deck. They express to us that the wood decks they have had in the past, have taken enough of their hard earned dollars and their precious weekend time sanding, pressure washing, and staining (does that sound like a fun way to spend your money and time?). We all want the same thing. To have a beautiful, low-maintenance deck that we can enjoy, day after day, week after week, year after year. In Colorado Springs composite decks can make this a reality for you. If you allow us to work with you to design the deck of your dreams and to build this deck using composite decking materials, you will find that your desire for beauty and low-maintenance have been achieved.

Composite Decking Materials

Many of our clients also call us for help in understanding the myriad of composite products, with many different characteristics, styles, and colors. They want to know which products fit their situation best. Here again, the experience and knowledge of the Genesis Group Team, from myself as the owner, to the Sales Staff, Project Manager’s, Foreman, and crew pay off for you. We keep current with the available products, have samples for you to play with, and even past decks for you to look at.

Then there are the concerns some have after hearing horror stories about composite decks from friends, family, or media. There is a lot of information on the internet, but it can be overwhelming, confusing, and even contradicting. We will be honest and forthright with this information because our goal is to educate you and build a composite deck that you will be as proud of as we are. You have our word we will not cut corners that you will pay for later. We know the history of these products and which perform the best in our unique climate.

In Colorado Springs composite decks do come with a slightly higher price tag than most of their wood counterparts, but in our experience, the composite deck is the best value over time. Composite decking comes in beautiful colors and some of the products come with comprehensive scratch, stain, and fade warranties.

Not only will we use the best composite products for the decking surfaces and railing systems, but we will also build the entire substructure using long-lasting pressure treated lumber or metal framing.

Composite decks are very appealing due to their long-life and low-maintenance; requiring only a regular wash down with soap and water. If you are convinced that composite is for you, or if would like to discuss the options further, we’re always happy to help. Please fill out our contact form to schedule a consultation.

The Genesis Group is your premier Colorado Springs composite deck builder!